IMU Cares

SRC - IMU CaresInternational Medical University (IMU) strives to be an engaged university as well as a learning organisation. As an engaged university we need to establish excellent working relationships within members of the IMU family, including alumni, with industry and with the community to whom we serve.

As a learning organisation, IMU and its community of staff, students and alumni will strive to share a common focus towards making meaningful contributions to the community in producing skilled, knowledgeable, caring and ethical health professionals who will serve the community at large. In the process, we will emphasize on life-long and team leaning.

To achieve these objectives, an important mechanism that IMU has established is through the activities under the ‘IMU Cares’ programme. This will provide an effective channel for the direct involvement of staff, students and alumni.

Students are expected to accumulate 2  IMU Cares points in semesters 6 – 9, and 1 point in semester 10. You can choose to engage in pre-existing projects or to start your own project. Heads up, 2 points are awarded for students who initiate new projects (more details here)!