Goodwill Games

The International Medical University’s (IMU) Goodwill Games is an annual sports event where students from the Bukit Jalil campus compete against or alongside with their seniors from the Seremban campus. Planned, organised and coordinated by the Students Representative Council (SRC) of Clinical School Seremban in collaboration with SRC of Bukit Jalil, students are cordially invited to participate in a variety of sports held simultaneously on one single day, ranging from badminton, basketball, frisbee to volleyball, football and futsal.


This year, Goodwill Games is held in Kompleks Belia dan Sukan Paroi, Seremban. While anxiously awaiting the junior opponents all the way from Bukit Jalil, the seniors are preparing themselves with quick warm ups and practices. Contenders from Bukit jalil and Imu Clinical School are in the forces of red and blue respectively. This year, dodgeball and frisbee were introduced into the event. Most of the sports were carried outdoors except for badminton, futsal, table tennis and dodgeball.

Despite everybody were in their top notch performance, Bukit jalil brought home to glory. The seniors have gave their very best effort. Kudos to them for putting up a good fight! Guess we have gotta say, “Age has already caught up with us!”. At the end of day, we are all contented and happy to have met and competed with each other.  A great big thank you to all the first aiders who have been on stand by and helped attend to the injured participants, the committees and IMU staffs who have helped set up the event, Dr. Gandhi for being the guest of honor, and ultimately, the participants themselves for being a good sport.

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