Getting Started

Welcome to Clinical Campus! Regardless which programme you are from, this page aims to provide you with the information you need to go around the clinical campuses of IMU.

At a loss of where to go for groceries? Or perhaps you would like to catch a movie but have no idea where the nearest cinema is? The Landmarks around IMU page would help you get yourself oriented in Seremban. (We are still trying to get more information regarding the Batu Pahat and Kluang campuses at the moment.) Do check out the Students’ Discounts Project page too to find out where you can get a discount simply by flashing your IMU Student ID!

While our clinical campuses are small compared to our main campus in Bukit Jalil, we still have some of the basic facilities. Please refer to the Facilities in IMU page for more information. For the booking of certain sports facilities that are not available on campus, SRC also provides some reimbursements. Please visit the Sports Reimbursement page for more details.

Require a venue in Seremban clinical campus for your lessons or extracurricular activities? Booking is no longer done through FMA/Reception, kindly refer here for instructions.

Last but not least, get acquainted with our friendly staff in SSD, FMA, and ASD!