Extra-Curricular Activities

Looking for non-academic stuff to spice up your life in IMU? Take a break from studies and get yourself involved in the following extra-curricular activities!

For those passionate about surgery, there is the Surgical Society; for the aspiring internists, you are welcome to join the Hippocrates Club. There are also the Muslim Society and Christian Fellowship for students of the respective faiths. More information can be found on the Clubs and Societies page.

Sports enthusiasts will be glad to know that SRC subsidises the booking of certain sports facilities around the 3 clinical campuses. The details of eligible sports and the relevant reimbursement application procedures are elaborated on the Sports Reimbursement page. There is also the annual Goodwill Games to look forward to, with the next installment coming up in 2017.

Last but not least, your spare time can be invested meaningfully into giving back to the community through IMU Cares Projects. Past projects spearheaded by SRC include the Adolescent Health Programme in Kuala Pilah, the English Enrichment Programme in Kuala Krai, as well as annual health screenings held in Seremban. Our Social Concerns Representative also oversees other community projects, the details of which can be found on the IMU Cares Projects page. Should there be any further queries, feel free to talk to us!

Have any other ideas on how your SRC can help enrich your clinical phase life? Email us!