About Us



Welcome to the official website of IMU’s very own Student Representative Council (SRC).
The Student Representative Council is YOUR council. We are here to voice your concerns and to be the bridge between the staff and students. We aim to build and promote stronger relationships. We also strive to ensure that you get the best out of your years at IMU both academically and socially.

In order to improve the campus & your experience here at IMU, we require your support; so do provide us with constructive feedback and positive solutions!

Remember the minds and ideas of thousands are greater than just 16 so help us help you!

Each council member specialises in a particular section of the IMU experience in order to cover all bases of student concerns. So if you have a specific query or problem, it’s best to head straight to the one in charge. To find out more about each member, take a look at our profiles here.

If you have business inquiry and you’re not sure which one of the council members to look for,
please don’t hesitate to send an email to us:  [email protected] <

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