Starting a club or society may seem like a daunting task, but fret not, we the SRC are here to facilitate!

Here’s a list of questions and answers that we think would be really helpful. There is a more elaborate information pack in the Clubs and Societies Regulations page. If you can’t find the answers you need, or you prefer to talk to a friendly face/over the phone/via a personal email, please contact us!

 1. General – The Student Development Council (SDC)

SDC is essentially a committee within the SRC set up to oversee and manage all clubs and societies related issues. It’s members are the

1. SRC Treasurer – Chair of the Committee
2. SRC President – Advisor of the Committee
3. SRC Cultural and Religious Representative – Head of Cultural and Religious Clubs
4. SRC Social Concerns Representative – Head of Social Clubs
5. SRC Sports Representative – Head of Sports Clubs

2. Starting a Club

Q : How do I start a club/society?

Please read through Section 3 in the Clubs and Societies Regulations before approaching your respective clubs and societies reps for more information.

Q: Do we have to follow the timeline stated in the regulations?

Yes. As each new Club/Society will be given a 6-months probation period, it is necessary for new Club/Society to follow the general timeline to synchronize the financial term with all Clubs and Societies.

3. Affiliation

Q : What is affiliation and what are the benefits?

When your Club/Society is affiliated to the SRC, your Club/Society will be entitled to many benefits, such as :

1. Funding (for events and/or trainings)
2. Enjoy the official recognition by the University
3. Assigned space in the University building or ground for meetings or any other approved events

 Q: What is Recruitment Drive?

Affiliated clubs and societies are entitled to join the Recruitment Drive – A two-day event where all Clubs and Societies will set up booths to showcase their Club?Society. This event is held twice a year (once around April and once around August). The event serves as a platform for Clubs and Societies to recruit new members.

Do you have any suggestion/feedback regarding Recruitment Drive? Send them to 

Q: What is the difference between a Major and Minor Event?

A Major Event is an event which

1. Involves external parties (e.g. other universities, external organisations etc.) AND/OR
2. Is open to ALL IMU students and/or staff

A Minor Event is an event which involves only a certain specific, smaller group of participants (e.g. club members, one specific cohort of students etc.)

There are no limit as to how many Major/Minor Event your Club/Society is allowed to organize.

*Please note that for both events, your Club/Society have to be part of the Core Organizing Committee in order to fulfill the affiliation requirement. Form A has to be submitted for before every event that your Club/Society is organizing. Unsure about how to go about planning an event, fret not! Just click here

Q : How does my Club/Society gets fundings?

An affiliated Club/Society is entitled to fundings from the SRC. Funds from the SRC can be used to organize your events (e.g. Major/Minor Event, Annual General Meeting etc.). The SRC will also provide funds for training venue bookings. Alternatively, the SDC encourages all Clubs and Societies to organize fundraisings to raise funds for your own Club/Society.

Check out the Planning an Event page for a step-by-step guide on how to apply for fundings and how to make a claim. If you have any doubts, e-mail the SRC Treasurer!

*Please note that all the income (be it claim or profits from fundraisings) and expenses have to be documented. 

Q : What is the difference between disaffiliation and abolishment?

Disaffiliation occurs when Club/Society fails to attain affiliated status during the turn of a new financial year. The Club/Society will be placed under probation for 6 months and have to comply with the regulations stated in Section 3.5 in the Clubs and Societies Regulations.

Abolishment is the displinary dissolution of the Club/Society. The abolished club is not allowed to be revived for a period of 12 months.

Q : Who do I go to for help with my Club/Society?

Every member of the SDC will always be there when help is needed.

SRC Treasurer
SRC Cultural & Religious Representative
SRC Social Concerns Representative
SRC Sports Representative

4. Certificates

Q : How do I apply for certificates?

First off, are you applying for certificates for your club committee or for your event committee?

Download and read the respective club/event forms, print them out, fill them in, then hand them to any one of us in the SRC office and we’ll get it done for you!

Q : What are the things that I should take note when applying for certificates?

1. We currently only allow a maximum of 4 certificates for club committees and 6 certificates for event committees. If you want to request for extra certificates do contact any of the Vice Presidents or the President of the SRC. (See Contacts)

2. Positions with the title “Vice” (for eg; Vice President, Vice Secretary, Vice Treasurer) will no longer be recognised. To work around this, we have allowed these positions to be swapped with other names. As long as the position title does not include a “Vice” you’re good to go!

3. Write your names clearly and in full so as to avoid as many reprints of certificates as possible.

4. We will contact you when your certificates are ready.

Q : How to recruit members?

You can set up a booth during the Recruitment Drive (See Above).
Q : How do I get fundings?

You are required to fill in Form A and Form B to apply for a funding from SRC by means of meeting the treasurer. Complete guide can be found here.

Q : What are the ways of obtaining income?

Activities such as selling tickets or running a fundraiser can be an excellent choice!

Q : How long does it take for my Club to become registered?

Newly registered club will go through a 6 months probation period before becoming a fully affiliated club.

Q : What does it mean if my Club is suspended?

You have most likely failed to submit your ECA form or accounts for audit.  You may also have failed to attend the required Board of Chairman meeting, or be suspended for another reason. In any suspension case, SRC will inform Club executives via email that they are currently suspended.

Q : If I think the club is no longer relevant, how do I abolish the club?
Approach SRC to acquire a club abolishment form, fill it up and come meet us along with your committee members after that and let us hear you out as to why you’d would like to abolish your club. If your reasoning is valid, you may proceed with the abolishing your club.

Q : Do religious clubs allow students from different faith to join?
Yes. We strongly encourage inter-faith interaction to improve understanding.

Q : What is a financial term, and when are they?

A financial term spans across 12 months, and in line with SRC’s financial term, it will be from March to March of the following year.