Step 1 – Dream It!

Free yourself from the shackles of high school, university is the place of limitless possibilities! Unleash your imagination and think of what you want to do, whether it’s raising funds for a charity, a singing competition, an iceskating tournament, or a party, dare to dream big! But don’t forget to pen it down and start planning!

Step 2 – Plan It!

Proper planning lies at the core of a successful event! So plan, plan and plan ahead. Come up with a proposal which includes your event’s objectives, budget plan and details! To make your life easier, here is an Event Proposal Template made for you! 🙂

Step 3 – The annoying paperwork

Some forms need to be filled up depending on your situation. Check out the First Aid Kit to know which form to fill! Note : For Clubs & Societies events, please duplicate the signed Form A and Form B and submit the original copies to the SRC for documentation purpose.

Step 4 – Publicize your Event!

There are various ways of which you can advertise/publicize your event! We are here to help, and you can find a list of some of the possibilities

  1. Posters – Wan’t to put up posters around the Campus? No problem! Click here to check for the guidelines that you need to adhere to before releasing your posters! (:
  2. E-Boards/PC/TVs – It is possible to place your poster as the default wallpaper of all the computers on campus. If approved by the Marketing Department, you can also play your promotional videos on the campus screens too! *Please speak to Student Service Department (SSD) for further assistance after filling up this form: E-Board Publicity Form. Don’t forget to bring along a copy of your intended promotional material!
  3. SRC Facebook Page – Our wide range of social media sites help us reach out to all IMU students, hence a great platform for you to advertise your event. Send us your event details to and we are more than happy to help you advertise it!
  4. Book a venue and start showcasing your Event – Use the ECA Booking form to book venues (Subject to approval by the SSD)
  5. Go meet the students! – Nothing is more effective than going to the classes one by one to promote your event! Works miracles!

Step 5 – Enjoy your event!

Step 6 – After the Event – Claims and Certificates

  1. Claims – If you sought funding from the SRC for your event, please claim your expenses by presenting all receipts and a detailed financial report to the SRC Treasurer! (
  2. Certificates – You event’s main committee may be eligible for a certificate of appreciation (up to 6 person only). Download the Request for Certificate (Events Committee) Form and read the guidelines for more information!