Kishen Kunalan

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Hello there! Thank you for choosing us to represent your VOICE.

My job as the SRC President is to lead our team to represent the voices of the students of IMU. Our goals are to foster good relationships and the bridge gaps between everyone in our university. I believe that each and every one of us play a pivotal role in the development of the student body and the university. We are all for promoting unity and friendships amongst our students. And we also, aspire to work towards a better university for you, so that you can leave with amazing memories of your time here.

Feel free to approach me or any of the SRC members if you have any questions or confusions that need to be cleared! We are always open to suggestions and ways to improve! Don’t be scared, because we are here to help! Have a great day! And remember, your voice matters. 🙂


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How Suet Yue, Kelly

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Hello all! As the secretary of the SRC, I handle all the paperwork, from preparing minutes to ensuring venues are booked for events. I’m also in charge of keeping my fellow SRC members in the loop regarding any updates. Besides being their bridge, I also serve as a link between the students and the library. So, be it a book request or a service complaint, do come up and voice out to me! Also, thank you for your interest in wanting to know the SRC team! If you don’t mind, I would like to return the favour. So say hi, give a wave; I’m friendlier than I look I swear! 🙂


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Chan Chun Fai

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Hi everyone,

First of all, thank you for electing us to represent your VOICE!  As the Treasurer, I overlook all the finances of our Student Council and work towards achieving a healthy balance sheet through proper budgeting and prudent spending.  In addition, I work closely with the Sports Rep, Social Concern Rep and the Cultural and Religious Rep to facilitate all of your activities here. I’m here to help you, so if you have any doubts or problems, feel free to talk to me !


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 Vice President of Medicine

Wong Thai Ling

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Hey there! Firstly, a huge thank you for your support in all of us so far. As the VP of Medicine, I’m in charge of everything related to the medical programme. I keep the communication between students and the faculty going, while trying to understand and, hopefully, resolve issues. All of us VPs work together to ensure that every student gets the most of their time here in IMU. My job is to make sure that we are all heard. So do say hi and should you have any doubts, problems or suggestions – don’t hesitate to let me know, and I will do my very best to help you. Here’s to a wonderful year ahead! :)))

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Vice President of Dentistry

Rachael Low Lip Yi

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I am the VP of Dentistry, I will try my best in being the voice of the student, and at the same time the messenger of academic and administration staffs, without taking any sides.

If any issues do occur regarding IMU dentistry, big or small, academically related or not, do approach me to bring it up, and i will try my best to work with you in solving the problem. I also promise to take the learning experience of dental students in IMU to another level, be it formal teachings or outside classroom activities, to help IMU dental students become better healthcare professionals in the future. I will work hand in hand with the Oral Health Committee in organizing more projects like oral healthcare screenings not just within IMU but also for the underprivileged, as it is those people whom we need to reach out as they won’t come knocking on our doors for treatment.

I don’t only wish to work for IMU dental students, but also for those going to partner schools, as I know how it feels to be thrown into a new unknown environment, after being comfortable for so long in IMU. One of my goals is to create a platform where your questions regarding Dental Partner Schools can be answered, to ease the transition phase and to better help you settle down in your new environment.

Lastly, I am open to any feedback that you may have, as whatever i do, is with you and for you, the dental students of IMU.



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Vice President of Pharmacy

Lovy Chong Le Er

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Hi guys, first of all I would like to thank you all for supporting me throughout election period, either moral support or your vote, it counts! 😀

As a VP of Pharmacy, I represent the school of Pharmacy that comprise of Bachelor of Pharmacy (Bpharm), Master of Pharmacy (Mpharm) as well as the Pharmaceutical Chemistry (PC) in both academic and non-academic affairs.

I will be actively participating in the Pharmacy Curriculum and Examination Committee (PCEC) meetings and shall lead the batch representatives in reflecting problems commonly as well as to propose relevant suggestions and solutions. Along with the other SRC members, we shall present our views and ideas at the annual Academic Meeting. I will also be working closely with the Dean of the school of Pharmacy in addressing your concerns.

As the representative for the pharmacy students in the Malaysian Pharmacy Students’ Association (MyPSA), I will be serving as a liaison between the association and IMU. Assuming the role of advisor to the Pharmacy Students’ Orientation Committee, I shall bridge close collaboration between the orientation committee and SRC.  If there are any issues regarding anything at all, you are welcomed to come to me.


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Vice President of Postgraduate Studies

Kho Mee Teck

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Hi everyone. As the VP of Postgraduate Studies, my main task is to ensure a smooth journey in the academic and non-academic issues of the Postgraduate (MSc & PhD) Students both in the research and taught course. The rights and wellbeing of Postgraduate Students is my prime concern. I will also be working closely with the council and representing the Postgraduate Students in the Curriculum Assessment Committee (CAC) for Postgraduate Studies (By Research) and SRC meetings to be YOUR VOICE. Feel free to contact me if you need a helping hand. Together We Are One!!!


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      Public Relations Representative

Luke Leong Tzy Cherng

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Hello! I’m here to improve your university life in terms of events, and facilities! I promote to you events from in and outside the university and even MC some events in IMU. I take care of facilities and equipment in the Student Lounge. So, if you have any problems or issues, come talk to me and I’ll do my best in helping and caring for you!



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IT Representative

Jeffrey Tan Yong Ye

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Hi there! My role here is to bridge the students and the university to actively address and resolve issues not just IT related, but also anything else that could make your experience in IMU just that little bit better.

Feel free to approach me or drop me a message if you have queries or feedback about your IT experience here in IMU. I am ready to work with you to bring your innovative ideas that you think can make IMU a better place for everyone, to life. So what are you waiting for? 🙂



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Social Concerns Liaison

Kor Win Sheng

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My goal is to keep you happy! If you have a worry regarding welfare, ranging anything from security to just needing somebody to talk to, I am here for you. As a Social Concerns Liaison, I ensure that all IMU students, especially the new batches and the international students, are cared for.

Apart from this, I manage the 15 social clubs appointed to me, where I need to work closely with the Treasurer, the Sports Rep and the C&R rep if need be. In addition, I oversee events such as the IMU Ball, charity events in IMU such as the Charity Run and the Halloween Night. I, also, assist SSD in events and projects regarding student welfare.

So, feel free to come and have a chat with me. You really do have a friend in me!


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 Sports Representative

Joy Tneoh Kah Yan

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Often mistaken as the “Sportsman” of IMU, the Sports Rep does more than just participate in sports. Through committing my time to overseeing the sports clubs and sports events in IMU and also lead teams to participate in intervarsity events, I hope to inspire more students to participate in sports and be passionate about their Clubs/Houses. I also hope to make IMU students known not only to be the best in academics, but also achieve and excel at sports.

I love sports, I love the idea of “Team IMU” and I am always looking for challenges. Do you have one for me?

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 Vice Sports Representative

Britney Ong Yi-Syuen

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Hey you, thank you for giving me the chance to represent you! As you all know, the position I’m currently holding is a brand new addition to the SRC! My job scope is to basically oversee all issue in regards to cheerleading, sport houses, and both the green zone and back court. Nevertheless, you can approach me if you have any issues regarding sports, and i’ll be more than happy to help you out. Besides that, I’ll also be working alongside our sports representative to change the way you experience sports in IMU!

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Cultural & Religious Representative

Amirul Muzakkir bin Amri

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Hello!! Selamat Sejahtera!! Ni Hao!! Vanakkam!! My name is Amirul Muzakkir bin Amri! I’m in ME116 and I’m known to have plenty of interests ranging from dance, music, arts, social affairs, sports and theatre! This may be the main reason as to why I chose to run to be your Cultural and Religious Representative, so that you as a student of IMU get to experience the best IMU has to offer in many avenues be it social, cultural, religious and in the performing arts! I am currently in charge of the betterment of a total of 14 societies!

The list is below! If you do have any queries or feedback regarding the following clubs, please do let me know!

1. Choir Club

2. IMU Dance Club

3. IMU Buddhist Society

4. Indian and Sri Lankan Society

5. IMU Huaxia Chinese Cultural Society

6. Hindu Society

7. Christian Fellowship Society

8. Catholic Student Society IMU

9. Malay Cultural Society

10. Muslim Society

11. Korean cultural society

12. Music and Performance Society

13. Japanese Cultural Society

14. English Language Society

This year our motto is to “Coexist, as diversity is strength!” I hope to ensure this is held true and if you ever believe that you are being treated unfairly by anyone please do let me know and I shall do all in my power to help you out! We all are a special and unique part of IMU and I’m here to preserve our awesome-ness! I’m also in charge of many events like Merdeka Day and the Inter-religious forum so do let me know if you have any questions about those events! Thank You so much for reading through this and your support while we try and make IMU an awesome place for you to be in! P.S Do say Hi to me! I love meeting new people!


International Students Representative

Tanya Obeyesekaara

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