Printing rates:

RM0.10 (black and white)
RM1.00 (colour, only available at the Library)

Paper will be provided and restocked three times a day.

IMU’s print outsourcing to Ricoh has been up and running since 7th December 2010. If you haven’t gotten your pin for the account yet, you can always get it from the HelpDesk on the third floor, to the left of the escalator.

You would require that pin each time to log onto the printer itself to print.

As our printers are linked up by FollowMe, students would be able to print from different learning e-labs, even if the print jobs were sent from another e-lab.

IMU subsidises 100 print pages every time a student starts a new semester. These 100 pages will be added to students’ previous semester’s credit. The amount of credit depends on black and white print rates (for example, since RM0.10 is the current rate, students should have RM10.00 in their account in addition to their previous amount). Any student who does not receive their print credit should seek help @ the HelpDesk.

How to print in IMU

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Ricoh printers @ E-Labs and Library

1. Get 6-digit pin at HelpDesk.
2. Log into computer @ E-learning lab/Library.
3. Select print once file is ready for printing.
4. Pop-up on the print job. Select a Ricoh printer.
5. Second pop-up asking for Username and Password. Type Student ID number, copy and paste on Password. Hit Enter button.
6. Start Menu – Ringdale – Client Administration – Print Jobs tab. Under Print Jobs, there should be a file queued for printing.
7. At Ricoh printer, insert papers into topmost TRAY 1, and gently push back into machine.
8. Touchscreen should be lit, and Printer LED button on left should be lit as well. If not, please press the On button on the top right.
9. Enter 6-digit pin number on BLACK box on printer (and NOT on the keypad on printer itself).Press #.
10. Two beeps : Printing will be processed, and printer will change status on screen.

1. If status is static, check Print balance on Information tab (on PC – Start Menu > Ringdale > Client Administration > Information).
2. Five beeps: Pin number is incorrect.

Should you require any assistance with printing, the Ricoh printing centre can be reached at extension number 1609