Want to raise funds to help the less fortunate? Planning a huge-ass karaoke session in LT? Organizing a Dodgeball tournament?

Look no further! (instructions after the jump) Take a peeper below! 🙂


Step 1

Plan, plan and PLAN! Come up with a simple proposal which includes your event’s objectives, budget and details. To save your brain cells from dying, we have an Event Proposal Template for you!


Step 2

Fill up forms! There are different forms for different situations, so check out our First Aid Kit to satisfy your needs!


NOTE: For Clubs & Societies events, please duplicate the signed Form A and B and submit the original copies to the SRC for documentation purpose.


Step 3

Advertise your event as early as possible! Fret not, we are here to help you! Click here to find out what are the ways you can advertise your event around the university.


Step 4

Enjoy your event!


Step 5 (After the event)

If you applied for funding, please claim your money by passing the receipts to the SRC Treasurer within 2 weeks after the event. Please make your appointment by emailing treasurer@src.imu.edu.my